Personalized sales process

Equiaccess offers a large network of horses and buyers that otherwise cannot be found online. On the one hand, we have a huge database of horses discreetly for sale. These horses are already screened by us in advance so that we can always offer horses for the right price with good results and a good inspection. This way, you as a buyer do not have to waste any more time and you only get offered horses that could possibly be relevant. On the other hand, we have alarge network of buyers who are constantly looking for new horses. These are also screened first such that we know perfectly what type of horse they are looking for. In doing so, we increase the chances of a sale and filter out the non-serious buyers from our system.

In addition, we will take care of the administrative hassles that occur during a sale such as booking test appointments, inspections, transport…

If no match can be made using our database of sellers and buyers, we will personally start a personal search for you so that together we can still achieve a sale.

Belgian sport horse in the spotlight

Our horses for sale are all located in Belgium or exceptionally in the Netherlands. It is proven that our Belgian sport horses have the best studbooks!
Do you live in another country or even another continent, but still want to buy a horse in Belgium? We can help you in your search and offer you different modules:

  • I want to travel to Belgium myself
    We will make the testing appointments for you and create a daily itinerary if you want to try more than one horse.
  • I don’t want to travel to Belgium
    We test the horses for you and give you a thorough advice about the horse afterwards so that you as a buyer can buy a horse on video with peace of mind and offer the following services:

    °We ensure that the horses can be inspected by independent veterinarians
    °We draft a sales contract that both parties can agree to.
    °We offer the possibility of taking insurance on the horse.
    °We offer foreign and air transport with quarantine facilities

We train your horse!

Want to sell your horse, but the horse needs some training first? We offer you the possibility of having the horse boarded with us to provide the horse with the necessary training. We work with a professional rider who has a lot of very high experience. This ranges from saddling young horses to bringing out competition horses at Grand Prix level. The stable is located in Eke, Belgium.